About Us

Polar Bear Inc. was founded in 1981 with a focus on the automotive air conditioning after market. Recognizing a need within the industry, we directed our attention to the remanufacture of automotive air conditioning compressors along with our original intent to provide and distribute quality automotive air conditioning parts at reasonable prices. This necessitated the incorporation of an in house machine shop which also permits us to service the needs of the custom and antique automotive fancier. We also build custom hoses or rebuild hose for those applications not readily available or obsolete. This includes applications such as power steering hoses in addition to automotive air conditioning hoses.

Return Policy: All Sales Final. Return goods will be accepted only with prior authorization and subject to a possible 15% restocking fee at our sole discretion.  Purchaser responsible for shipping charges unless otherwise stated in writing.  Special Order Items are sometimes subject to limited availability.  Please allow up to 10 business days for Special Order Items to be shipped.  Call if time is of essence.  We will make an extra effort to speed things up.  In the event the part is not available you will receive a full refund. 

Delivery Policy: Ships immediately means it will ship within 24 hours of order placement excluding weekends and holidays. On backorder means we expect to be able to ship product within 2 (two) weeks. Allow 10 (ten) business days for special order items means we have a reasonable expectation of being able to source your item within that time period. If we cannot do so you will be given a full refund.

Freight or Shipping Claims Policy: Title to goods passes at the time the shipment is loaded at the shipper's dock or delivered to carrier.  Purchaser assumes risk of loss or damage by carrier. We will give our full cooperation with respect to filing a claim but cannot replace goods lost or damaged by the carrier without payment. Generally, customers can improve the chance of collecting on a freight claim by following these procedures:

1) Formally requesting immediately upon suspecting damage or shortage that the carrier inspect the shipment to verify condition;

2) Notifying the carrier upon discovery of concealed damage and requesting an inspection within 15 days of receipt, both in person or phone and following up via mail;

3) Keeping the shipment as intact as possible, including retaining original packaging material and keeping the product as close to the original receiving location as possible;

4) In all cases, holding salvage for disposition by the carrier.

USPS, (US Postal Service), while the most reasonably priced, especially for international shipments, is also the most difficult to file a claim with. Therefore, we suggest using a carrier who can track and insure shipments to your satisfaction if your shipment is critical.

Privacy Policy: We will never share any personal information collected as a result of your visit to this Web Site. This includes e-mail addresses, purchasing history, or personal information that is collected for the purpose of processing your order. We will never send you unsolicited e-mail nor will we give, rent or sell your e-mail address to any outside party. We value your privacy and assure you that your information is used solely for the purpose of order fulfillment.

Our Mission is to ship a quality product for a reasonable price. We are always available during normal business hours and can be reached toll free at 1800-365-3516 or by email at Sales Department If you have questions about a product or are not sure about something feel free to call or email. We are reasonable people and always try to put the wants and needs of the customer before our own.

No warranty is made as to the accuracy of the information contained on this website. The correctness of these specific representations with respect to specific needs is
the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Access to this website does not constitute an offer to sell. In the interest of both consumer and environmental safety, we reserve the right to refuse to sell product to unqualified individuals. No warranty is expressed or implied on this website. Refer to the terms and conditions on your invoice for specifics regarding a warranty. Please note, however, that:

1) Product may be sold WITH or WITHOUT a WARRANTY at the time of purchase.

2) ABSOLUTELY no claims for labor, refrigerant or any related components will be honored.

3) In any event, Polar Bear, Inc. specifically limits any warranty to the replacement of product subject to the terms and conditions of the invoice, any applicable law and our SOLE discretion.

4) In the event of a dispute purchaser agrees that venue shall be Broward County, Florida.